If Only The Kids Were Home for Summer

Sometimes I wonder when life will slow down and let me off. Most times, though, I realize that this roller coaster is my life and it's not going to stop.

Despite being so exhausted that I had a debilitating migraine yesterday, I chose to attend Ladies Night Out and joined a fewteen other ladies for an overindulgence in chocolate and ice cream. Life doesn't get much better. Unless, of course, you're so tired that you have a debilitating migraine and then you get sick from the overindulgence in chocolate.

I came home, exhausted, and went right to bed. I then proceeded to lay there wishing that my stomach contents weren't turning into a lake of hot lava and threatening to erupt like a volcano. If only one could sleep when they're exhausted, they wouldn't be so exhausted.

Just as I was drifting into slumber, I heard a distinct knock at the door at 12:30 o'darkness. I woke Sam who said, "I don't hear anything" while simultaneously snoring. I roused him sufficiently on the second knock and he ran downstairs (after getting dressed) to be informed by a kindly neighbor that our ponies were out. Gotta love that. It's a wonder they weren't hit on the road because black horses, 12:30 o'darkness, and a very foggy night aren't a good combination.

Josh had to be at Career Camp at 8:45 this morning, Micah had meltdown in McDonald's because I had the nerve to ask him to eat before playing, Luke knocked a tooth out at the playground, my stomach lava is still bubbling viciously, Becky's friend has to be picked up and they both have to be dropped off for play practice, Luke's friend needs returned home and Luke is living in permanent meltdown mode from being overtired himself, Micah's hand is black from picking up a freshly painted airsoft gun (a play prop, people, don't spaz), the newly acquired goldfish are traumatized from floating ducks and protruding hands constantly being inserted into the bowl, and there's a lake of wet on my bathroom floor because HOLY COW I had no idea that little boys COULD pee that much while actively trying not to potty train.

And yet, I'm soooo glad that it's summertime. Despite a crazy (yet normal) day, and maybe just to buck the scary trend that I've been witnessing among moms, I'm going to go out on a limb here and reveal the fact that I missed my kids while they were in school.

My kids are home for summer. Life truly is good.


Andrea said...

I hope your head feels better. But aren't kids the best? And summers have a way of bringing the best out of our kids!!! Girl, get some rest.

BeautifulWreck said...

Hope you get some rest. A really sweet post you wrote about your kids.

Burgh Baby said...

I am totally cool with being a working mom, in fact I think it's the best thing for our entire family, but when summer rolls around? I wish I were off. I love the chaos and craziness of 24/7 time with my kid. I really do.

I just have to make sure there are a few smoothies around. ;-)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh bless you-- you are a great mom. You're operating on little slip, migraine hangover and jam-packed schedule and yet you still throw in that "I missed my kids" closing.

I am really curious about this: "overindulgence in chocolate". Can those two words be used together in a sentence?

Michelle said...

Bummer on the headache... but honestly I'm still stuck on the overindulging in chocolate. How exactly does one do that?

And ohhh yeah.. the inability to sleep while exhasuted. Yep, that's my pet peeve with life. *sigh*

Here's hoping you keep enjoying that summer!

Lovin Mama said...

Migraines are the worst. I think I'm happier that school is out than my kids are.

Krista said...

This is the first summer that I've had to work and I'm dying because my nine year old is home with my teens. I feel like I'm missing out! :-(