Saturday Shots, Less the Shots

I'm still out of town, on the laptop, and can't upload photos (although there are a bazillion and eight of them) so Saturday Shots will be void of photos. Instead, it'll be visuals.

* Micah is leaned over by the side of the pool, intent on something on the ground. He lifts it up. It's the lid to the pool clean-out for the pool pump. Before I can rush over to where he is and rescue him from whatever it is a six year old boy can get into in the clean-out, he reaches in and pulls out a used band-aid. Niiiiice.

* We are eating dinner poolside one evening, with the place to ourselves. It was nice that the boys could swim while we enjoyed a meal alone. When they were hungry we got them something from the buffet and brought it out to them rather than having them drip through the dining room.

Imagine, if you will, two Mary Kay proselytes, one with a turquoise and one with a pink pants suit, enough hairspray to put a hole in the ozone layer before dinner was over, and of course the make-up enough to cover an entire pink Cadillac in a fresh coat of mascara and lipstick.

Now imagine the looks of horror on their faces as I walked out of the dining room with a plate in one hand, a cup in the other, and a second plate balanced on my forearm. (I'm a mom. We can all do this.) Now imagine those looks graduating into comments as I came back for seconds for the kids. And thirds. And a fourth trip because I needed hot tea for myself.


* Our family was sitting around the pool having dinner when Luke leans over, aims his rear end toward Josh, and blasts so loudly that I think I actually saw the towel wrapped around his waist flutter from the breeze. Because we weren't in the stuffy and formal dining room, we laughed. We're cool parents that way.

* The boys, holding hands, and jumping into the pool together. Micah giggling the whole time, even when he comes up for air.

* Josh teaching Micah to fall backward into the pool. Micah standing backward on the edge, then sitting into the water. And laughing.

* Micah climbing the second story railing to hang over and look at the breakfast diners below him. Me freaking out, trying not to scream too loudly, and running across the room to rescue him from the danger that he wasn't really in.

* Micah trying to climb the ropes leading up the mast to the eagle's nest at the Pirate's display at the museum. Me, trying not to freak out as he was balanced on the ledge of the wall and leaning waaaay over reaching for the only crossrope that was available for climbing.

* Luke, using a cheesy fake voice, saying "how bout them beans!" and Micah giggling like a maniac, and not stopping until he can reach up from his carseat and pat my arm to be sure that I found it funny as well. For twenty miles without stop.

* Being at a hotel within walking distance from Hendricks Motors and seeing the boys' faces as they got to touch a real live racecar. Me, trying not to freak out as Micah runs over to a Corvette completely surrounded by ropes to keep small children at bay, and see Micah reach out to touch the polished chrome and glossy paint. Daddy, putting Micah on his shoulders and quickly locating the exit.

* The boys playing games in the van, and learning the state abbreviations while keeping track of license plates they've seen. Don't tell them that the trip was educational.

* The family, having a wonderful vacation that was refreshing and relaxing. Except for poor Sam who attended class all week.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the images that go with all of those moments are priceless, and I can't wait to see them - although for, now I am loving the visuals in my head!

the planet of janet said...

sounds heavenly.

Michelle said...

Hmm, I think those visuals work quite nicely! Gotta love those fun family vacations -- except for Sam, of course. It sounds like you all had a blast! And really, what could be better than that? Other than avoiding the twenty minutes of the bean comments!

Roger said...

That is awesome that you were able to witness all of that. It's the little things that make life so special sometimes. :)

Too bad Sam had to miss most of it with work. :(

caramama said...

Those are great snippets. And that boy sure can climb, can't he?