And The Numbers Keep Climbing

Remember last week how we were at the ENT, and I decided to change to the local practice? I wish I'd done that years ago when the thought first occurred to us.

Mental note: those thoughts that occasionally occur to you need to be acted upon. That's why they occur.

New Dr. ENT was incredibly patient with Micah. New Dr. ENT's staff worshipped the ground the uncooperative boy trod upon. New Dr. ENT was able to clean out his ears (while a new record of 4 people held him down) and it was determined that his ear tubes are out. This is rather shocking news, actually. Mostly because I am aware of when his tubes are out. His hearing is impaired.

Has that sunk in with you yet? I'll give you a minute.

His tubes are out, and he can hear just as good as when his tubes are in. Earth shattering excitement here, people.

New Dr. ENT suggested that we wait a month to determine if he'll fill with fluid and monitor his hearing before making any decisions on whether or not to replace the tubes. New Dr. ENT is a wise, wise woman indeed, and I wholeheartedly concurred.


(Those always exist, don't they?)

Except that small fact that we'll be flying in just over a month and what if he's fluid-filled while flying? Wouldn't that be anywhere from uncomfortable to painful? (The answer was Yes.) So it was determined that Set of Tubes #7 be installed within the next month. Sometimes the boy just can't catch a break. And yet, all we do is well thought out and in his best interests.

Maybe next time. Maybe there will never have to be a Set of Tubes #8. I'll probably have difficulty wearing gloves this winter because I'll be walking around with my fingers crossed for the next few months.


Michelle said...

Yay to tubes out and no fluid. Are you sure you're not going to chance it with the flying? ;) So glad the new ENT worked out for you!

JennyH said...

Sounds like Max. I think he is on 7 or 8 right now. His dr thinks they are out. So I was waiting to see the ENT until after the sickies leave our house. Tonight, however, he has a flow of 'stuff' coming from his ear. Very unusual for him. So I am guessing at least that tube is still in. I'm going to have the school nurse check it out at school.

Hoping there will be no set #8 for Micah. Also hope set #7 goes in smoothly!

SunflowerMom said...

Yay for hearing well! Sean's got gunk running out this week. Nasty stuff. Hope Micah's next tubes are the last tubes!

Karen Deborah said...

sounds like you have a very good doctor now, and what great news!!!

I love your new header of course! Micah is getting some very plump and pinchy cheeks, makes my lips pucker up...

Karen said...

My Tommy is getting Tubes next month. As an audiologist, I should have done this months ago but I was in denial. He was fluid free all summer.

Good luck on number 7 and even though i see this daily at work when it is your own child it is never routine.

Roger said...

That's awesome!! Let's hope that number seven is the luckiest number of them all, and there will be no need for eight. Too bad that he needs them for the trip, but I know I wouldn't want to take the chance of a fluid-filled flight, so it can't be helped.

I don't wear gloves much in the winter anyway, so I'll help with the finger crossing. :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Keeping my fingers crossed that this set goes in smoothly and is the last set he needs!