The Price of a Date

First of all, I have to give a shout-out to my readers for killing the fruit flies. You guys rock. That vinegar/water/dish soap in a dish trick is attracting the little things like, well, flies. AND THEY'RE DEAD. I love looking into that little dish every now and then and seeing their dead bodies floating around. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Now on to the story of the day.

Sam was invited to an award banquet last night because he was given an award at work. Nothing spectacular, he just managed to be there for 5 years without quitting. Go, Sam! We got a sitter for the kids (thanks, Mom!) and went out for the evening. Actually, it was more like 2 hours because it was at the local ski resort which is just minutes up the road. (No, we don't ski. Ironic, I know.)

I came home, put Micah to bed, and spent the rest of the evening curled up in bed with a book. Upon waking this morning, I was appalled.

The craft bag for the kids at the corn maze has been sitting on the floor in the kitchen since last Saturday. Micah got into it. There are balloons, craft sticks, and pipe cleaners everywhere. In the dog kennel, on the shelves, under the computer stand, and on the kitchen table kind of everywhere.

The tennis balls and golf balls got together and had a party. All. Over. The. House. We have no less than several dozen of each variety. While they were kicked to the far corners of rooms and reposed quietly under tables and couches, the fact remains that they were rolling rampantly at one point.

The video games that have sat collecting dust for months (seriously, MONTHS) were haphazardly shoved back into their hiding place under the end table. I know they were gotten out because there are wires sticking out like that end table is going to blow if I place a book on it. It didn't look like that before last evening.

There was a sleeping bag in the living room.

The last three remaining cupcakes (there were twice that before I left) have finger/tongue prints in the frosting. I don't recommend you eat them, we'll save those for the boys.

The couch was used as a jungle gym. I know this because the blanket that I keep permanently thrown over the gaping hole in the leather where the dog decided to snack was askew. I am anal about keeping that blanket looking Marthesque because someone might feel the need to straighten it and then would see a gaping hole in the leather of my sofa.

This was in addition to the normal toy/video mess that is always jiving at our place.

This happened in TWO HOURS. And I know for a fact that Micah was the one who did 99.2% of it all. I don't even have to ask. What ails that child? He knows better than to do half that stuff, and yet because I'm gone and grandma is here, he thinks it's fair game to get into everything and trash the place?

It's no wonder that we take him with us when we go out for date night. The boy. OOOOHHHHHHH the boy.

Thanks again, Mom. You deserve a nap today.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Grandma know?! You give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Somehow I am sure there was a bit of chuckling from your Mom after she left . . . I know my Mom gets a kick out of hearing about all the picking up I have to do before I go to bed at night. I hope the 2 hours alone was enough to make the mess worth it!

Viv said...

I went shopping (almost) by myself today. It took me four maybe five times the length of my absence to repair the damage. I feel your pain, but, when I read your post I thought I was going to cry, the "it isn't only me" emotion was so very strong.

Karen said...

I have a one man wrecking machine here too. Though there are some sisters that help on occasion. What is it about a couch that calls to all children to make it into your average play ground?

imbeingheldhostage said...

Horrified giggling happening over here. It's that relief laughter that it was you and not me mingled with the realization that it COULD be me if we only knew someone stupid enough to take Kyleigh on for an afternoon.

I still think you're making all this up though, I've seen that angelic face.

utmomof 5 said...

It makes you wonder if it was worth going out at all sometimes...

T~T said...

you want to hear something funny - the next day - after I read your fruit fly problem - my house was suddenly infested with them! WTH? Very strange and I can not get rid of them - they are in all the rooms in my house! It is so gross!!


Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

This was not a good post to read since my mom will be sitting for my boys tomorrow night and Will and Micah have a whole lot in common, behaviorally speaking. Then again, I now know to hide all craft materials and the ball bins.

Michelle said...

Wow. That sounds like SO much fun to clean up. SO much fun. Your poor mom. But she didn't warn you? ;)

Brandie said...

If thats what was left, imagine what she stopped! My house is always trashed after my Mom is here. She cooks and crafts with them and leaves the mess for me. Awesome that she is so involved, but stinks that I have to pick up.