The Hair Is Alive

The kids' Wednesday night church club is having a sleepover Friday night. The sleepover has a pilgrim and Indian theme. All the leaders (that would include us) are required to wear costumes. Ball of joy. My friend told me that she bought a black wig on clearance at Walmart to wear for her Indian costume. I went directly to Walmart and purchased not one but two of them. They were 80 cents each. I love me some clearance sales.

The wigs are black and curly. In fact, they were labeled The Afro, and came complete with a pick stuck in it. I had plans to straighten that hot mess, braid it down into straight lines, and be Indians. What I didn't figure on was the fact that there was no straightening The Hair.

The Hair (which really deserves it's own identity) was spotted by Micah the moment he got home from school. Woody felt the need to wear a wig. Woody was eaten alive.

Luke also donned one when he got home. Micah realized that wearing The Hair himself was an option, and he wants nothing more than to be like his big brother Luke. Micah was swallowed by The Hair.

The Hair takes no prisoners.


JennyH said...

You are so funny!

SunflowerMom said...

lol! i was P.I.M.P. about the bible story!!! (pissing in my pants, fyi!)

Andrea said...

That is hilarious!! LOL!! And I have sooo much unfinished stuff in my house it's not even funny!! It will never get done!