Nailing Things Down, Checking Things Off

I bought an official Disney autograph book for the official Disney trip. It's cute n'at. We set the oversized (read: hugemongous) pen with it so that we had the set together for the trip. Micah spied them, thought the official Disney autograph book needed some autographs, and obliged. Every few pages is liberally scribbled upon. While I'd love to be peeved over this (oh, the money we paid!) I have to be grateful that the boy who wants nothing to do with writing, coloring or drawing actually took initiative on that front. Way to go, son. You make your mad mama proud.

(Dear Blogger Spellcheck, n'at is a real word. Welcome to the greater Pittsburgh area.


Micah had an ENT appointment tonight to follow up on his brand new ear tubes. The good news is that they're in there. (I'm not sure what the doctor expected. I mean, they do come out quickly, but 3 weeks?!) The bad news is that he's had thick, yellow drainage from his one ear since their placement. I took this as a good thing because their job is to get rid of that stuff. Job done! The doctor didn't seem to share my enthusiasm.

She took a swab to culture and said she'd get back with me after 72 hours on what it turned out to be. (For those who are counting, that would be Thanksgiving Day.) We were prescribed antibiotics to clear it up. She's just hoping it's (insert rapidly shaking hands at this point) nothing. I have no idea why it didn't occur to me to ask what, exactly, she was expecting it to be. I guess we may or may not find out.


Becky started school at home today. We had to call the Cyber Headquarters no less than two times just to get started. Color us really, really stupid.


I had a big order of shirts over the weekend, which directly translates into the fact that Christmas is on hold. I got the decor out and there it sits. The living room looks like a forest. I may or may not need intervention on the tree front. I also may or may not get things decorated this week. I'm going with if Becky has time, it'll get done. If you were smart, you'd go with that, too. I am getting shirts done, though. See me sew! (Virtually, of course.)


The Cold of Death has me firmly in it's grip. It's accompanied by a severe outbreak of zits. I'm pretty sure that H1N1 doesn't exhibit that symptom so I should be good. I'm so very close to 40, people. At what point do the pimples go away? If I were to retain some of my youth, why couldn't it be perkier boobs or something a whole lot more appealing than pus filled growths?

The universe has a wicked sense of humor.


Viv said...

I am all broken out too, for the first time in years. I think I'd rather trade for a perkier bust too.

In other completely unrelated news, my son loaded Google Chrome on the computer and deleted Explorer. I was quite peeved until I realized that Chrome is giving me spell check in the comments section. Love That!!!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking there is no WAY the doctor realized what 72 hours meant. No way. Glad the tubes are still in though ;)

And the Disney autograph book? Let me know how it goes. We met not a single character because they appear in designated places at designated times with designated HUGELY long lines that we are not patient enough to wait in. So we waved at them as we walked past instead.... I can't wait to hear all about the trip!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Micah! I have lost many a grocery list/phone bill/coupon to Cooper's mad coloring skills . . . and he is just like Micah - it is only worth coloring on if it is something important/nice/or should not be colored on.

I hope you are feeling better soon and that the zits go away!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Ah yes our Disney autograph book is also filled with Sarah's masterpieces. Keep it for amo when the teachers tell you there is no hope in the writing arena. That's when I would reach into my big ole bag and pull out proof that they are wrong.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Wait - what's going on with your oldest? She's homeschooling again?

Annette said...

Though I only live several hours from you, and within the same state, mind you, would you please provide definitions for your special lingo? haha!

Let us know about Micah. Good luck with school!

Roger said...

At least you were smart enough to get an autograph book before you went to Disney, probably saved 50% on the cost.

Do you have Verizon wireless for your cell phone? If so, Disney has a cool little app, that they just started where it will show you wait times, and character locations and times. It's pretty cool looking. Now they just started it, so there may still be some kinks, but if you have Verizon it might be worth looking into. I don't have the link handy, but if you go to the site and look at the Disney Parks blog, they have more info there. I think there is a $10 fee also.

Just another resource to spend a few more of your precious few remaining hours in PA. :)

Burgh Baby said...

ME, TOO! What the hell? Why do we have to have skin problems NOW? Why? Ugh.

Andrea said...

I have nasty zits too! I too would love to trade all my zits in for some purky boobs!! What an adventure home schooling. You are one brave woman!! Hope Micah's ear feel better!