This Would Be Day 13 of The Snow-In

That Cowboy Doll lays down a lot of peer pressure. I mean, why else would Micah want to dress like this?

That right there is enough blackmail to turn the tables on the whole "I've got you wrapped around my pinky finger" thing that Micah has going on. He chose the outfit himself, and was quite proud of it. That makes me a blackmail billionaire.

For twisting arms to make people dress like that, Micah got revenge on Woody. He took on the role of Sid.

I'm not sure whether to be thrilled at the imagination of Micah, or a little bit afraid for my life.

The kids seriously need to get back to school.


My name is Sarah said...

Now that is a fashion statement:) It could be on the cover of a magazine it is so cute.

Annette W. said...

Yee...quite the statement there.

Still no school??? That's rough!

Karen said...

Still no school? I am feeling for ya.

I am loving the outfit.

Roger said...

At least Becky found it amusing.

Poor Woody. said...

Oh, I dunno... maybe Woody was a little damp and needed to dry out on low... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are the kids going to have to make any of those days up?!

Woody in the oven frightens me a bit too. Perhaps he is cold?!