We installed updates on Micah's Voice. One of the fun new things that we discovered was the Crazy Hello button. You know how pull string toys have different sayings with each pull of the string? It's the same concept. There is a loop of 5 annoying hello's from the film industry.

Raise your hand if you remember the infamous Seinfeld Hell-looooooooo! Yep, that's one of them.

Mrs. Doubtfire's man-woman voice saying Heeellllooooo? There.

"Well hello, Mr. Fancypants" said in an incredibly sarcastic voice is part of the loop.

You know, all these things that kids with a sense of humor will love, and probably shouldn't use in greeting when meeting new people. Or in school.

Guess what Micah loves? The boy pushes that button 54875 per hour. I'm about to break the Voice. And yet, how can you give a non-verbal kid a voice with humor, and then take his humor away because it's annoying?

There is a bright side to the annoying though. The boy is repeating the Hellos. His very favorite one is a repeating sing-song of Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello! Cuteness? Listening to him flick his tongue back and forth making the L sound. The boy can take annoying and make it darling.


utmomof 5 said...

I am totally thinking of that Seinfeld episode now!!!

That Micah is good at keeping you on your toes!

Trisha said...

This just makes me laugh! Stay strong - surely he will get tired of it . . . eventually.

HalfAsstic.com said...

Oh, how wonderful! That IS progress! And as far as the driving you crazy thing goes, I bet it's well worth that! ;-)

Debbie Yost said...

That's how I feel when Peanut brings me PECS picture, after picture, after picture! I want to take the book away, but hey, can't take the other kids' voices away, right?

Oh, and how cool he's saying Hello! Awesome!