Going Gaga

Micah has his own sense of style, and makes no apologies for it. This past Sunday he chose to go to church in his pajamas (we dress him in sweats and a tee for bed). He matched, and was clean, so I was happy.

He insisted on wearing his blue plaid shoes with socks. The sweats he was wearing were shorts. I slouched his socks as best I could and sent him on his way. He was happy, therefore I was, too.

In the van, he reached under the seat and pulled out a castoff purse of Becky's. It's hot pink patent leather with a great big R on the side of it. When he got to church he proudly carried his Bible in one hand and his purse in the other and walked into class. Despite the few odd glances and chuckles, I held my head high and proudly walked behind him, just like I always do.

The burning question still remains though. If it's clearly his sister's pink castoff, is it a purse? Or could it be a murse if he's claimed it as his own? His grandma called it a Eurpoean manbag. Whatever it is, he's confident in his accessory choices.

Maybe we should all go the Gaga route and just shake the world up. The key is being confident in our freak. Micah has that down.


Michelle said...

What no pictures?

Hey, if he's happy and comfortable with it, go for it. He could be the start of a whole new trend (Little Miss is right behind him!)

Teresa Dawn said...

I've actually seen a couple grown men around here wearing what can only be described as a purse... New trend? Perhaps Micah is more in touch with the fashion world than you know ;)

Trisha said...

As long as Micah likes it . . . who cares what it is called?

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

If it was good enough for Tinky Winky why can't it be good enough for Michah. He even was known to be sporting a tutu from time to time. Ok, I'm dating myself here!

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Love. That. Totally!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Micah has a way of making us think about the things that we waste time worrying about. You have good reason to hold your head high.