Running Away

When Becky was but a wee little thing, and the only brother she had to boss around was Josh, she decided that Mama was the Meanest Mom Ever and that naps were overrated. She chose to run away from home. She thought it all out in advance, and her grand plan involved taking her favorite stuffed animal, a blanket and a pillow and living on the other side of the sand mound. She dreams big, that one. The sand mound sits in the corner of our yard.

The major flaw in her plan (besides all the obvious ones) was that she forgot her pillow. After climbing out her bedroom window (first floor at the time) she realized the error of her ways and called for her brother to assist. Being the intelligent one that he is, he grabbed the pillow and marched himself through the living room toward the back door. He was forced to squeal on his sister when Mama asked him where he was going with a pillow at naptime. Becky was not happy with either one of us that day. In fact, she still blames her brother for a failed Running Away From Home attempt.


Over the weekend, we spent our time outdoors because it was gloriously hot and sunny. Oh, the things we got done, and the happy that it made me. At one point, Josh came to hand me the van keys. Apparently Micah decided to drive himself somewhere because not only did he get the key in the ignition but he started the van. We will now have to hide keys for the safety of everyone involved.

I told Becky that her brother totally showed her up with the whole Running Away From Home thing. If you're going to leave, you should at least get off the property. Driving oneself to a far away destination (at the tender age of 7) is preferrable to living behind the hill in the yard.

Becky still stands by the opinion that her plan was foolproof if only Josh would have handed her pillow out the window. I think it's clear who the smarter kid is.


Roger said...

On the lighter side, that is awesome that Micah would know and understand what the keys were used for, even getting the right key in the right vehicle.

On the other hand, thank God for Josh, that's twice he kept his siblings from escaping the madness. :-)

Knowing what you know now, did you check Micah's room for an extra set of keys? He might wanna make a run for it in the middle of the night, or at least keep one of his Woody dolls in your room, so that you'll be aware of his intent. He won't leave home without his Woody, I imagine.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Trisha said...

Micah actually started the van? That is a scary thought! Thank goodness that Josh was around keeping and eye on his brother.

The whole pillow incident did make me stop for a giggle break!