Josh's 13th Birthday, Story 3

So we were sitting around the picnic table discussing underwear, and how we couldn't return the too-small pack that Josh got got for himself. Becky said "it's Wal-Mart, they take back anything." And while that's true, they do not put the returned underwear back on the rack. I know this because I read an article about that very thing recently. They stopped doing that after they were cited for it the second time. Or was it the third?

The kids were both amused and horrified by this revelation, so I relayed the other tidbit of information that I learned from that article. The A#1 offender in the put-it-back-on-the-rack of undergarment retuns is Victoria's Secret.

Oh yeh, you heard me right.

So as we were grossing and spazzing over this fact, and realizing that VS has very little else to sell in their store so re-hanging is actually an effort to keep their heads above water and look good in the returns department, Luke spoke up.

"So that's Victoria's secret!" And now we know.


Roger said...

That Luke is one smart kid. :-)

Also, I make it a point to only buy my undergarments when they come in a "factory-sealed" bag. Anything less than that *shudder.*

Teresa Dawn said...

Lol! Thank-you! The mystery is solved.

I know someone who worked at Walmart and someone tried to return a pair of kids jeans that her kid had pooped in. She didn't want to clean them so she brought them to the counter with poop still inside, and argued that Walmart has a full refund policy.

Michelle said...

Oh. Ohhhhh my. Wow. I don't think I can ever buy underwear ever again. Ewwwww! said...

Ooooh that Luke... He's a wise one, he is!

JennyH said...

HA!! He's a smart one. and well.... that is gross. Thankfully I always wash new stuff before we wear it but I know lots of people don't.