The Metamorphosis

We officially have two teens in the house. That's half our crew, in the teenage years. It's also half my mind completely blown. How is it that we were just married yesterday, and now have two teenagers? How can we be that old? How does one blink result in so much growing up?

And yet, it's facts.

So we were eating dinner when Josh said, "What time is it?"

Me: It's 6:30. Why?

Josh: What time was I born?

Me: Well, 13 years ago just this very minute actually.

Josh: Hey! I just turned into a teenager!

Becky: You make that sound like you're morphing into something.

Josh: Wait, let me do that again. (Stands up and rips shirt off) I AM A TEENAGER!

Me and Sam: (insert eyeroll and chuckle)

Happy Birthday, son. We love you.


Molly said...

lol did he really rip his shirt off? Dinners at your house sound fun!!

ModernMom said...

It is almost scary how fast time flys!

pghrugbyangel said...

Happy birthday, Josh!! (I'll ignore the whole ripping of the shirt thing...)

Teresa Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Josh!

James Bainbridge said...

June babies are the best babies. Happy Birthday Josh!

Trisha said...

Happy Birthday to the newest teenager in the house!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! said...

Ohgawd! A TEENAGER! ;-)

caramama said...

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Wow! Two teenagers! Good luck to you guys, and way to go so far. Also, very funny about him morphing into a teenager!