So How's The Fit?

Micah is a fan of shopping. He loves to hold things up to check for fit, or show me something that he thinks will be fantabulous for my wardrobe, or simply toss his choices into the cart. But before you go getting all jealous of my little personal shopper who doesn't whine and cry while I browse the racks, let me set you straight. He does his share of whining and crying between coordinating outfits and making final selections.

And then there was today.

Today I went out to eat with a friend, who insisted on giving Micah a few dollars of his own to pad his pocket with. After lunch, while shopping through Target, Micah was making selections left and right. A fuchsia blouse in the ladies department that was actually really cute, and a pair of white shorts were put back on the rack. They just weren't his size.

And then I heard him echoing through the clearance section. The echo clearly told me that he escaped and got into the dressing room. I asked the fitting room attendant if a little someone had come by there. Yes, she said. He laid this money on the counter and helped himself to a dressing room. And sure enough, he did. I pocketed his cash and found him trying on a pair of camo short-shorts, in size way too big for even me. He was standing in front of the mirror, holding them up tightly around his waist, with enough excess behind him to fit two more people his size in with him.

The friends we were with today absolutely loved that Micah tried on a pair of ladies shorts. But after spending a day with us, her parting comment was, "I think God said your family needed more excitement, so he blessed you with Micah."

Exciting. That's one way to describe our days.


Roger said...

I think your friends are very wise. Maybe Micah is shopping for his momma, and just wanted to see how it would look, he'd figure out the correct size later. :-)

imbeingheldhostage said...

You have awesome friends. Micah is a tremendous blessing-- even for people who have never met him but enjoy his escapades from far away.

Carol N. said...

Love this anecdote...I can totally picture the money being firmly put on the counter...holding the shorts up...the excess material...I love your little shopping sidekick! said...

How wonderful and what a great friend. She's right, you know? God has truly blessed you in so many ways with Micah. AND your whole family!

JennyH said...

True! They are exiting. And they keep you on your toes at all times!