Win, Lose, Draw

On Monday I chose shorts to match the shirt that Micah was wearing and laid them on the coffee table. I figured I'd dress him after he ate breakfast. As I was checking email, the boy saw the clothing selection and decided it wasn't up to muster for the day. He hid them. I spent a good portion of that morning looking for them.

I have yet to find them.

I've checked in the washer and dryer, in the trash, in the dirty laundry baskets, in the clean laundry baskets, in his dresser, in his brothers' rooms, in the basement and even outside. They're gone. Vanished into thin air. I pray the kid never hides my car keys.

Today the school took the first grade to see Shrek at the theaters. (How fun is that?!) The kids made color-it-yourself Shrek shirts to wear today, and I had Micah's laying on the counter right beside his Voice to remind me to put it on him.

The boy hid it.

I woke Sam and a frantic search ensued. It was mandatory that they wear those shirts. Thankfully it was easily located this time, but he was not really in a Hey I Want To Wear My New Shrek Shirt mood. He was coaxed into putting it on and I was all impressed that he did it with no grumbling on his part. As soon as it was on he patted it, said "there" and looked at us. ("There" is his way of saying, "see? That's what I wanted all along. I'm happy now.")

Except the "there" was for our benefit, not his. Immediately after the "there" he then proceeded to take it off. Clearly he said, "see, I tried it on, it looks incredibly tacky, I'm not wearing it, we're done."

Consider it paybacks for the lost shorts, son. Touche.


Michelle said...

Oooo that boy is impressive with the hiding. Don't let him hide the Easter Eggs either!

So ummm do they make ANY exceptions for kids who have issues with the shirt, or did he end up enjoying the movie in his lovely shirt after all?

Teresa Dawn said...

Good luck finding those shorts! Maybe they're outside!

Tara said...

Again, love that kid! :)

Trisha said...

Wow - Micah has a talent for hiding things! Did he end up wearing the shirt to school?

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

I'm voting for under the couch cushions!