It Feels a Lot Like Tuesday

Today we learned that a rat snake exists.

And that Mexican bakeries are da bomb.

And that 103 degrees is just plain hot.

But the important thing is that the work we're doing is going to impact lives for years to come.


Teresa Dawn said...


That's the # of bloggers that I read (which isn't a large #) that posted pictures of snakes today.

I like snakes but I'm starting to feel like I am missing something.

Was today International Blog About Snakes Day and I didn't know it???

Trisha said...

Mexican bakeries certainly are great, aren't they? Keep cool!

Leanne said...

Good. That was my first thought. Oh, and thank you for being part of something that'll make a difference for years to come. I'm proud to be your bloggy friend.

Andrea said...

Nice snake!! and yes 103 is very hot.....with humidity, it's just miserable!!!