Things I Did Last Week

Last week was an interesting one. I spent a whole lot of money (hello, Disney Visa points!) that I probably shouldn't have, but I made a good share of money as well, so it's kind of a take and a give. God bless ebay.

I decided that my camera was less than what I wanted it to be, and talked myself into a new(er) one. It took some talking, let me tell you, but I did it. And I found one that I wanted on Amazon. I then proceeded to cash in a whole lot of Swagbucks to help pay for said expenditure, but turns out that I found a Newer! Better! Cheaper! camera on Ebay instead. So last week I:

* Bought a new(er) camera.

* Cashed in $90 worth of swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. (I accumulated that $90 in 2 months time. Me = VERY happy.)

* Sold $90 worth of Amazon gift cards on Ebay for $110. There are some messed up people out there, but if I benefit from their demensia, it's all good.


With all the time I spent on Ebay researching cameras and whatnot, I came across some other things that I couldn't resist. Also purchases last week were:

* Wii (This was totally by accident, by the way. I swear.)

* iPod Touch, times 2 (One for Micah, one for myself because I'm in love with the whole i-ownership thing now.)

There is an app for the iPod that does exactly the same thing that Micah's talker does. (There really IS an app for that!) While it's on the spendier side of SO NOT FREE, it's a great back-up for him. And of course the iPod offers so much more as well, what with an app for everything. It's already been a sanity saver in these departments:

* Keeping Luke entertained with games while I was at a hair appointment.

*Keeping Micah entertained while waiting at the doctor's office.

* Not having to listen to Micah's CD in the van YET AGAIN for the bazillionty thirty thousandth time this month.

* Making Becky jealous because her brother has an iPod and she doesn't. She was pacified considerably when she realized that he doesn't have texting. If the kid ever learns to spell, he'll get it. He can't talk, yo. How else would you expect him to get in touch with his mother?


Oh, that doctor's office thing? Micah was stung by a bee on Wednesday. His entire thigh got red and hot, but it didn't bother him, so we didn't bother it. Until Friday. The red got redder, the swelling started, and the hot became hotter. We ended up tossing the kid into a cold tub, OD'ing on Benadryl and calling the ER doc at 9 PM. Turns out, he's fine. Go figure. And 3 days later it's still slightly red and swelly looking. That must have been a killer bee.


I recently bought a new bathing suit. I know what you're thinking (because all women think the same) but I lurve this thing. No, really. It's actually flattering. In what alternate universe does that happen? I loved it so much that I threatened to wear it into public. Last week:

* I wore my bathing suit into public. It's more of a swim dress, and I pulled a denim skirt on under it. It was super cute. Neither the kids nor Sam knew it was swimwear. I thought I found my newest summer fave to wear.

* I nearly passed out (for real) at the local amusement park. I don't do heat, and it's been hot here lately. (I'm not whining, just relaying facts.) I had on that marvy swim gear, with a skirt, and was just overheated what with all the spandex wrapped around my midsection. The swooning and black spots made me take the kids home way sooner than they were ready to leave. I no longer have a new fave summer outfit to wear. That did not, however, hinder me from wearing it again into public when we stopped at the sub shop for lunch on the way to our friends' pool later in the week.



Have I mentioned lately that life here is never dull? So how was your week? Anything you want to share?


Michelle said...

Oooo tell me more about these people who pay more than GC are worth on eBay. I need to find them since Max & Erma's closed by us and we have a $75GC. Boo.

And the wii? Accidental?

What camera did you get? I'm still lusting after a fancy camera, too. Impressive on that Swagbucks schwag! Go you!

JennyH said...

What an interesting week.

A wii, huh? accident? sure! But now your sucked in by the wii.

Why in the world would anyone pay more than face value of GC's?? Some people are crazy!

You did a whole lot of spending... I hope you enjoy all of it.

Cool swimsuit BTW.

Karen Deborah said...

that dress is a swimsuit? for real? I don't even know what the other stuff is here I am in stupidville again.

Trisha said...

Congrats on finding a swimsuit that you like/love! That is a very, very rare thing! It looks tremendous.

Micah certainly seems intent on his iPod in that picture - I wonder how long it will take him to get bored with it?

Trisha said...

Congrats on finding a swimsuit that you like/love! That is a very, very rare thing! It looks tremendous.

Micah certainly seems intent on his iPod in that picture - I wonder how long it will take him to get bored with it?

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm loving that you made a profit on your Free money. That takes serious talent.

utmomof 5 said...

Okay, the exact same thing happens to me when I get stung by any bee. It may be an allergic reaction but just not as bad as full one anaphylactic shock. Has he ever been stung before? My doctor makes me carry and epi-pen in case I get stung near my throat.

Umm, making a profit on free money, you are amazing :)

caramama said...

Adorable bathing suit! Congrats on the new camera.

And did you hear about the iPad being used by children with special needs? I read some blog post or article somewhere talking about it, saying it had the app that is just like Micah's Voice! I believe the woman said she liked the iPad especially because it was larger and had more things her child could do on it... maybe some graphic/drawing app also? If you are interested in the story, I'm sure I can find it again and send you a link. said...

Your new swimsuit is too cute! You know what I ended up doing when we went to San Antonio a few weeks ago and I needed a new one? I tried them on and tried them on and HATED every single one. Until I found one that fit exactly like I wanted it to. It's maternity. And nice and loose around the midsection where I want it to be. ;-)