But The Cat Wasn't Away!

The store has been busier this summer than any summer previous, and it's not really a bad thing. I have learned to budget my time between the sewing room and the kids, which means that the housework is suffering in a bad way. (Hey, there's only so much time in a day, you know?) But being stellar at prioritizing, I figure dirt falls down the scale pretty far when my family and a job is involved.

The bad part is that when I'm in the sewing room, I kind of expect the rest of the family to step up to the plate and help watch Micah. Except they don't as much as I'd think they should. The dogs haven't been tossed into the pond in a while (yes!) but there are other things going down that shouldn't. Like chasing the dogs with a poking stick just to see them run, or letting the dogs outside to play fetch with them and then letting them freely roam the neighborhood afterward, or failing at potty use and not having the mess get cleaned up until I accidentally discover it hours later.

And then there was the day that Sam came up to the sewing room and asked if I knew that Micah was doing laundry.

No, I did not.

Micah discovered the magical qualities of the dryer last summer when he took the Roundup Gang swimming. I tossed them in the dryer, turned it on for a few minutes (or more) and they came out dry. Presto! Magic! Except, he's more a microwave-instant kind of guy and thinks that if he pops them in, closes the door, opens the door, then removes them that they should be dry. And they're not. He doesn't know how to turn it on (thank goodness) so I guess he does what he can. I thought this was what Sam was talking about with the whole "Micah is doing laundry" thing.

It wasn't.

Micah had Woody and Buzz in the washer, and somehow managed to turn it on. While this in and of itself is bad enough, the fact that there was an axe tumbling around with them made it so much worse. SO much worse. OH MY WORD WHY DID SOMEONE EVEN LET AN AXE LYING AROUND SO THAT MICAH COULD GET IT?!

But it gets worse.

Oh, yes. It does.

There was as dog in the dryer. A real dog. And he finally figured out how to turn the dryer on. The poor spaniel was tumbling around inside there for dear life. I am eternally grateful that Sam intervened when he did because I am horrified at what that could have become.

I will be very ready for school to start in 2 weeks.


Teresa Dawn said...

Yikes! That poor dog!!! So glad he was found on time!!!

Michelle said...

Ohhhhh, my stomach is tumbling around, too. Just tell me that Sam stopped the washer and dryer and didn't just come TELL you about them.

And ohhhh that watching assumption. I feel for ya!

Roger said...

Okay, that explains your last email to me. I was wondering where the ax came in. Yikes!

So how was the dog's coat after that little run in the dryer? I imagine it is quite frightened of being near the dryer now.

Trisha said...

While this post made me laugh . . . it isn't good! An AXE???? Hopefully, Woody's head didn't get chopped off while in the washer!

It sounds like you are going to have to find locks for the washer and dryer - or the door to the laundry room!

The Sports Mama said...

And this is why we don't keep axes around at my house.

Well, that and we live in the city in the desert and there really just isn't much call for axes in my neighborhood. We'd sorta need trees for that.

I love that Sam asked if you knew. Like you would have been okay with it, and just not told him or something.

Burgh Baby said...

Yeah, um, my husband's grandma once killed a cat exactly that way. It is a story that will never, ever go away because ACK! ACK! ACK! That would be a terrible way to go.

Brandie said...

Holy cow!! Thanks for reminding me why I don't sew, anymore.

Leanne said...

Oh dear. That is terrible and so so sooooo FUNNY. I'm glad the puppy's okay. Happy not sewing. ;)

Flea said...

Oh merciful heavens, woman! School can't start too soon!

caramama said...

Holy moley! I'm freaked out for you! And for the dog!

JennyH said...

Holy smokes! Glad Sam saw what was going on when he did.

Also glad it all turned out fine.