Conversation With Boys

I asked the boys how their school day was while we were eating dinner. Most of the time I never hear what I'm looking for. Like this conversation.

How was your day today, Luke?

I had to go to the bathroom.

Is that unusual?

It is when you have the Big D.

Oh. Are you sick?

I don't think so. But it wasn't fun in the bathroom. I was sitting there doing my business when all of a sudden things let loose and it was a huge BWOOSH so I pulled my feet up so nobody would see them under the door when they heard it, but then it was really hard to reach the toilet paper with my feet balanced on the toilet paper container and I had to try to balance myself without my feet being seen under the door. That wasn't fun.


You never know where a conversation with a 9 year old boy will lead.


utmomof 5 said...

Aren't boys so much fun? The things that come out of their mouths truely shocks me sometimes... glad it is the same at your house :)

Tara said...

See what I have to look forward to? After three girls, having three little boys has been an eye-opener for me. So many things I wasn't expecting, like how often I would have to see their extra appendage because they prefer nakedness or how often I have to hear about poop and how much laughter that word can bring. Amazing!

Flea said...

Feet up? how on earth did he keep from falling in?!?

Michelle said...

Oh yeah... I'm so looking forward to those days. Wowwww. :)