Hygenist In Training

Micah does not like the dentist. I think this stems from a sensory issue in his mouth. He also does not like to brush his teeth, or have us look inside his mouth. I tried once, way back many years ago, and decided I'd never do that again when he bit hard enough to draw blood. My dogs are more cooperative than that boy.

Micah has taken an interest in dental work on the other kids, and with Luke at the orthodontist every six weeks on average, his interest has become more of a fascination. Just this week, Luke was reclined in the ortho chair choosing band colors for his braces yet again. Micah thinks it's his job to help, so he pointed out yellow. Last time it was red. And from there, I'm not sure how things progressed to what they did, because the dental assistant assured me that Micah could stay and assist if I wanted to go out to the waiting room.

When I came back in to check on the boy he was wearing gloves and poking his fingers into Luke's mouth. He was also reaching for the dental tools on the tray. This is where we both drew the line for him, the dental assistant and I. The boy was completely fascinated with what was going on in Luke's mouth, and the hygienist had to call the dentist over to observe the fun. Everyone was highly amused. It was cute, for real.

But here's the real question. The next time Micah is at the dentist, will he be a little more tolerant of what goes on  inside his own mouth? Or better yet, will he even allow the dentist a little look-see? One can only hope. And I am. Trust me, I am.


Brandie said...

We really should get Micah and Goldie together. She loved having her teeth cleaned at the dentist. Signed more and pointed at the polishing tool. Wierd, but good.

Michelle said...

Ummm yeah. Good luck with the dentist. :) I'm hoping that he now will let the dentist do things, having seen that his brother is fine with it. Repeatedly!

Mister Man has sensory issues, and brushing in certain places is a challenge, but ... it's slowly getting better - especially since I just developed a new strategy that seems to work for now!

HalfAsstic.com said...

What a wonderful hygienist you have! And what a good idea. To let him observe can only be good if anything. It may make no difference at all, but I'm betting it will make for a better visit for Micah.

Karen Deborah said...

maybe they will help you out and just see if he will let them put something in his mouth like a mirror?