The Timing Was Stellar

Micah got off the bus yesterday with a small scratch on the end of his nose. Not a biggie, just not something he went to school with that morning. The note in his folder said that he got scissors out of his box just as an aide reached to help him. They were unsure whether the scissors or a fingernail scratched him, but that's what happened. No biggie. These things will happen, you know.

Today that small scratch scabbed twice as wide as it was the day before. It's considerably darker, too. There's no missing that red streak on his nose when you glance his way. And tonight as he was getting ready for bed, he noticed that scratched nose in the mirror.

He touched it. Nothing happened. He bumped his nose to the nose in the mirror. It didn't help. He put his tongue out and tried licking it off. It was ineffective at removing the scratch (and even reaching up to it) but it sure did elicit some grins from me. Nothing he did would take that scratch off.

I wanted to take a picture of it, for memory's sake you know. He gave the camera the blank stare that I've learned to hate. I tried again. He covered his nose with his hand. It took some coaxing to get him to move the hand. I had no idea he was that self-conscious of things.

Good thing he didn't discover that scratch until this evening, hours after school pictures today.


Trisha said...

That is an adorable picture! I am sure that scratch will be out of his mind soon enough!

Michelle said...

With or without that scratch you have one handsome boy!