Coming and Going

Micah has his own sense of style. When he chooses to wear clothes, that is. He likes plaid shorts, and oxford shirts, daddy's neckties, and Becky's funky socks. Anything of Luke's is fair game, too. You can imagine, then, his joy each day with Spirit Week at school. One day was pajama day (hello, Woody pajamas!), one day was funky sock day, and mix and match day had him sporting his beloved oxford, daddy's tie, and sweatpants.

He'll never want to wear anything normal to school again.

For church, he is super excited to dress up in his button down shirt and tie. It's funny that he dresses up so when Daddy doesn't. (All daddy's ties have found their way to Micah's dress-up box.) Sunday morning he changed ties twice before he was happy with the look he saw in the mirror. It didn't match that well, which is probably why he loved the look.  He tucked his Bible under his arm and proudly went off to church.

The pastor loved Micah's look. Not many people are tie-wearers in our church anymore. The fact that Micah dressed himself was even more endearing (and obvious). He had Micah walk up to the front of the church and show everyone what a snappy dresser he was. (Micah said, "Hey.") When he came back to sit with the kids in the pew in front of me, I saw the other side of Micah. The one where we have a hard time getting jeans to fit.

It's not just anyone who can pull off a tie with plumber's crack.


Anonymous said...

My personal motto growing up was that, "God doesn't care what I wear to church, as long as I show up!" My mother never quite agreed with that statement, so I never had to worry about whether my jeans fit well or not. I'll bet God was just happy Micah was there!

imbeingheldhostage said...

awesome :-)

JennyH said...

Sounds cute!

My kids usually dress themselves and it shows. My mom said I was the same way and finally gave up trying to have me match. She figured if the others kids made fun of me I'd stop. Apparently they didn't or if they did I didn't listen. I kinda am the same. Let them sport their own style!

BTW, Micah could have any style look good!