Era-Less Priorities

You know those days that look deceptively wide open, and then everything to happen and you don't get a thing done? That was today. I've come to realize that this is the normal for our family. I've also pretty much realized that it's the normal for everyone. Gone are the days when stay-at-home-moms cooked 3 meals from scratch, hand scrubbed the kitchen floor, ironed every piece of laundry, and wore heels and a dress while doing it. Some days I'm ever and ever so glad for that fact, and other days I almost lament it. That well dressed workhorse of a woman didn't spend hours editing photos, or shopping online for the best price for a holiday gift, or kill time at therapy and specialist appointments. The fact that therapy and specialists weren't yet invented, nor were computers, made life so much simpler.

Life is not simple. It's a fact.

But there are some things from that lost era that are the same, and should never, ever change.

Reading to my kids is a joy that I'll cherish for a lifetime. We spent hours every afternoon snuggled on the couch reading.

Playing board games with my kids now provides that same feeling. I love seeing the kids interact with each other as they learn and grow and play.

And family dinners around the table, talking about our day, and laughing. I love those, too.

Time. It's the best thing that we can ever give. Whether we're busy hand scrubbing floors or online shopping, I never want us to lose sight of the fact that spending time with family is priceless.

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Michelle said...

Oh it so is. Interestingly, I couldn't decide at first if the title was E.R.A or era (to better differentiate) but you know what? It works out really well as either!