Concert Wear. Mostly What Not.

The first time I met her, she was standing in front of the school with a student from the Life Skills class. He refused to go inside the building, just like every Monday, she said. If she stood out there with him until all the other kids were inside, she could then coerce him into going in to school. After Monday, he went willingly into school himself.

Micah's principal really cares about her students, and seems to take a special interest in the Life Skills class. I loved her from the start.

She was standing inside the cafeteria where the second graders were gathering before the Christmas concert. She smiled at Micah and said hello as he walked by. She loved his tie, and said she looks forward to seeing what he'll wear to school each day. We allow the boy to dress himself. Today he made the bus driver laugh with his pirate eye patch. He frequently wears ties, over tshirts. The hands-down favorite was the bandanna, necktie, and witch's hat combo. Everyone loved that. I just shake my head as he walks out the door. It's good to be comfortable with who you are, even if who you are is vastly different than anyone else.

We were incredibly proud, and a wee bit glad that we were all alone at the back of the auditorium, when Micah was center stage for the Christmas concert, sporting a green argyle vest and a purple polka dotted tie. It wouldn't have been so bad if the tie didn't hang nearly to his knees. I have got to invest in kid-sized neck wear.

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