Coordinating the Holidays Begins in the Home

Christmas is the most fun holiday ever. I love it for the sparkly and twinkly lights, and the bright colored wrapping, and glitter and bows and good will toward men.


Because of my deep and abiding love for all things Christmassy, I have decor for this holiday to rival any store's display of goods. The attic is half filled with my wondermas things; the other half is filled with random attic stuff. What's very nice is that I can decorate the entire house - every single room - for the season. When we moved in here, I did that very thing. Over the years I cut back, starting with the master bath, and then the upstairs in general.

This year I had Sam help me dig out the decor, but decided that I'd just choose the best and most fun things out of it and display this year. I wasn't going to do Everything All Over Everywhere this year because of time and a current love affair with lack of clutter that I'm having. I figured that this would make Sam happy because he's always "you have too much stuff" and "how many trees does one family need?"

Which is why this year Sam was all, "you should put a tree in the hallway, too" and "when are you going to finish decorating?" And this year he made some suggestions for outdoor decor, whereas in the past he's been all "really? We need to decorate out there, too? I'm not stringing lights."

We really need to coordinate which years we're going to go all out and which years we're not. It would make things easier, that's for sure.


jayna said...

I need to bring my husband to your house. This is our first year that I'm setting up a second tree and he still can't wrap his head around it . . . I wonder how I should reveal the third one I have yet to bring out :-)

Brandie said...

You're amazing, multiple trees! Ours is up, but not decorated. We're slowly getting Hank acclimated to it. I really need to find some Christmas inspiration.

Karen Deborah said...

That is so cute. I remember how much you had out last year, very pretty. Husbands are never predictable.