It Went Exactly As I Saw It In My Head

Micah was quite the trooper while getting his cavity filled last week. That's why I wasn't really concerned when he went to get a tooth pulled today. It's a baby tooth with very little root, so it's not a major deal. Originally, I saw Micah freaking out, me spazzing, Becky in near hysterics, and the dentist being forcefully removed from my son while I went all Mama Bear on him. That was *before* the stellar cavity appointment. Afterward, I stopped having nightmares of the tooth extraction and started wondering when this new kid walked in and took over Micah's place in our family.

So today at the dentist, Micah wasn't as thrilled with the rub-on Novocaine as we would have liked for him to be. The poor kiddo rinsed his mouth with two entire cups of water, then ended up just putting his tongue in the cup to get rid of the taste. It didn't really work for him. When we decided it was time to move on, things got ugly in a hurry. It went pretty much like it did in my nightmares. Minus the forceful removal of the dentist. Mostly because I was laying under Micah with my arms wrapped around him, but I did make the call to stand down when I saw the look of sheer panic in Becky's eyes. And the tears.

Micah's tooth is still firmly ensconced in his mouth. He's happy, it's happy, and that's where the happy ends.

We are thrilled, however, that he gave the dentist a hug of his own accord after the ordeal was over. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

So the next step is scheduling an oral surgical procedure at Children's to remove a baby tooth. Good heavens, and for Pete's sake, and a few other sigh-worthy descriptives. And now, since we're sedating the boy, we'd like to take advantage of down time, as it were. We are also contemplating Ear Tube Placement #8. The Boy has been turning the volume up louder and louder lately, and holding his iPod right up next to his ear even though the whole room can hear it. Methinks it might be time for that next set anyway.



My name is Sarah said...

Oh dear. Standing right next to you with total understanding.

Karen Deborah said...

geez if it's not one thing it's another. Too bad they can't just use a bit of versed and fentanyl for him. He wouldn't remember a thing.