January Came Early This Year

There comes a time, somewhere between Christmas and January Something or Other, that I get sick of the vomit of the holiday all over my house and start to clean. This usually happens when Under The Tree becomes a catchall for everything that never gets properly put away. That stuff slowly creeps out from under the tree and invades the living space of whatever room it's located in. And then mama blows her top and declares it time for Christmas to be over.

When I am kick-started by the End of Christmas, I just keep cleaning. Furniture gets moved, dust bunnies are found and eradicated (redding out entire dog-hair lined bunny nests), things get organized, and I buy a few dozen more storage containers. Storage containers rock.

I have this confession to make. I am an organizational freak. Containers make me happy. Containing is what I live for.

So January Something or Other came early this year, and it wasn't even inspired by The End of Christmas. I blame this on IKEA, where I bought some things to help organize my closet and pantry. I wasn't even done unpacking the bags from the shopping trip before I started organizing. Containing waits for nobody.

So today, I organized the pantry. It's the best it's looked since moving in nearly 6 years ago. I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. They, too, look awesome. I even organized the freezer shelves by food groups. (Don't judge. I'm aware that it's a sickness.)

I can't wait to see what happens here tomorrow. Oh, the organizing to be done.



Anonymous said...

Personally, I like how you have sorted the dogs by color.

And I have the same affliction and am nowhere near hoping or looking for a cure!

Flea said...

Organize those puppies by weight, will ya?

Woman, come to my house and contain my things! Christ wants to do that this weekend, buy containers and pack things away. I'm so ready for it!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I've been doing a little organizing here too. I need more shelves and containers, though! We don't have IKEA, but Costco is 10 minutes away. :-) It never stays organized for very long, though.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I was cleaning the top of my refrigerator yesterday. I totally get it.

Becoming Mommy said...

I share your affliction. I organize the pantry, fridge, and freezer by food group and expiration date. Our books by Dewey. Our music...well, my husband just groans when I can tell him the shelf and what it's next to by cell phone when he's looking for something.
Our house would be a wonder of organization if it weren't for everyone else...

Roger said...

I could book you a flight to Chicago and let have at my house for a whole weekend, if you need some more cleaning and organizing time. :-)