Word Games

Micah has recently taken an interest in learning. This is very good. The fighting over homework, the pencil throwing during seatwork at school, the walking out on Time To Read With Mom time is a thing of the past. For the most part. It's made a lot of people happy.

Included in this learning is the alphabet. He relishes in the new knowledge. It's come in so handy at restaurants when you're trying to entertain a hungry little boy with ants in his pants. If there's a placemat with local advertisements on it, we point out this letter or that, or we'll just write the alphabet and go over the letters and sounds with Micah. He's generally enthralled until the food arrives. It's awesome on several levels.

But leave it to Micah to find a way to take something awesome and use it against us. While sitting with him until he went to sleep the other night, I was playing Moxie on the iTouch. Moxie is this clever word game that gives you one letter at a time and you've gotta spell words by adding to or changing what you've already put on your board. The letter you're given to work with is showcased in a box at the top of the screen. Micah loved this.




It was like music to hear the boy speaking each letter's sound. I listened to him verbalize 52 letters, then played another Moxie game, then another, before finally telling Micah that it was bedtime. I'm not disillusioned; I know that Micah was playing me. There are some instances where I'm thrilled to be played.



Flea said...

:D Merry Christmas, Karen!

Leanne said...

Great shot. Merry Christmas one day later!

Brandie said...

Merry Christmas! Yeah Micah! You must be thriiiiilllllled.

Tara said...

That's awesome, Karen!