Teach Me, My Sons

Snow days are every bit as fun as you make them. I kind of look forward to the kids being off school because we're all trapped in the house together and get to make the most of it. Sometimes we cook, sometimes we play games, sometimes we'll find creative things to do, but it's always fun.

Today, Luke made a fort out of cards. He not only did a wonderful job, but practiced his photography skills by taking pictures of the finished project himself.

card fort

Micah knocked down his original creation, so Luke and I took that opportunity to create another one. Luke is much better at card houses than I am.


Micah, knowing that his fine motor skills weren't up to stacking cards, decided to find another activity within our proximity. He wrote his name on Luke's chalkboard wall. He was twelve shades of proud of it, as was I.

playing teacher

But he wasn't ready to stop after his name, and apparently needed inspiration. He raised his hand, and pointed to me. That was my signal to raise my hand, so I did. Why, look! Someone in the class with their hand up! Yes, mom? And it only took about six or thirteen more times before we realized that he was asking us to call out a letter for him to write. Mom's turn, Luke's turn, Josh's turn, we called out letters and Micah wrote them until the wall was full.

That twelve shades of proud multiplied tenfold.

his letters


Flea said...

Wow! Woman, proud doesn't even begin to describe it, I'll bet! What a great job. :)

Cindy said...

Such great ideas for snowy days! He did a good job on his letters! What a fun game!

Burgh Baby said...

He's going to be reading War and Peace in a blink.

Trisha said...

Way to go Micah! And that fort (and the pictures) are super, Luke!

the planet of janet said...

go, micah!! that is the best!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Love your men-folk.

Carol N. said...

Aww, I feel all warm, gushy, and proud all at the same time.

I think I'll go have a cookie :o)

Molly said...

Great card forts.

Roger said...

Go Micah!!

Go Luke!!

Proud Momma!!

Kaytabug said...

That is so Awesome!! High 5 Micah!!
Love Luke's card fort!

CC said...

love the cards, love the letters, and love the snow day! Can you send one to West Coast as I'd really like to have one this year!!

JennyH said...

That whole post was awesome! Not sure I'd be able to do card houses. Luke rocks!

Yay for Micah with his name and writing all those letters!!

I love snow days.