I Am Abused at Night

I frequently find bruises or scratches on myself that I don't remember incurring. I blamed my faulty memory (that's getting faultier all the time), but last night I learned differently.

Micah is a night roamer. He falls asleep in our bed, is carried to his own bed shortly thereafter, and we get a few hours of good sleep before he joins us again. Sometimes we carry him right back to where he belongs, and sometimes it's a half hour before the alarm goes off and I'm selfish enough to make him lay down so that I can get a few minutes of very interrupted horizontal time. And then other times I'm just way too tired to even wake up long enough to move the boy.

Like last night.

I was coherent enough to know that he was in bed with us, but not enough to actually look at the clock and make a determination on the time. Much less move him. You have to know that Micah needs to touch people when he sleeps. And it's not enough for him to simply lay a hand on my arm. No, he's an overachiever, that boy is. He's not happy if he's not kneeing Sam in the kidneys and using my arm as a pillow. And that's a good night. Last night, the boy was determined to wedge his foot between my legs, thereby scratching me with his toenails. Repeatedly. I became coherent enough to shove him to daddy's side of the bed after about the 18th time.

It's shocking, really, how Micah gets enough rest to actually function through a day. I know that I don't.



ericsmommy said...

I just started following you and your son reminds me our son Eric who is autistic love reading about your family.

Trisha said...

Aha! Mystery bruises and scratches explained! Now, I wonder if Micah is coming to my house at night to explain mine!