Classic Toys, Both New and Old

We've invested in a lot of toys over the past 16 years of parenting. A lot. Little Tykes and Barbies, hula hoops and stuffed animals and Matchboxes. And as the kids grew older, the toys grew up with them. Baby dolls gave way to basketball hoops. We now have a PlayStation and an air hockey table. And with all the toys that we've had, there are a few that have stood out as true winners.

The Little Tykes semi truck was the first winner we stumbled upon. We bought that for Josh when he was just 2, which means it's been with us for 11 years and has been through 3 boys. It's been used as a ride-on toy, pushed down countless flights of stairs, and left out in the weather for an entire summer. It's still in great shape and used frequently. Micah pretends that it's Mac from the movie Cars. Winner.

The trampoline is the newest amazing wonder. We've had it for just two years now, and if the weather is nice enough to be outside, it's pretty much in use. Micah loves the thing, teens flock to it, and even we old fogies give it a bounce or five on occasion. We would highly recommend it to anyone with children. Or without, for that matter.

And of course, there's Woody. The first cowboy doll was purchased for Becky when she was 2. (It seems to be a good age for wonder toys here.) That first doll lasted through Becky, Josh, and Luke before finally being retired during Micah's reign. Micah has since retired (or killed) more Woody dolls than we care to remember. I don't know what it is about that cowboy, but he's a keeper.

So what toys have your kids loved?



Sarah said...

A bin of plastic dinosaurs. Every time I think the girls have outgrown it, they drag it back out and have hours and hours of fun with the dinos. Last time two of the dinosaurs were getting married, and the others were wedding guests.

Karen Deborah said...

Legos and a big bin of dress up clothes from the goodwill.

Anonymous said...

I am with Karen on the Legos - I can see those being around here for a very, very long time! I think the same will be said of our Little Tikes firetruck and the handful of trucks/diggers/bulldozers that get played with outdoors no matter what is on the ground.