NERF Rocks the House

After downloading videos to Micah's iPod, we realized that the speakers were lacking for video watching. Especially in our busy, chaotic home. External speakers were necessary to make the video watching a happening experience. We searched high, and low, and around and around, and in the end NERF pulled through for us.

Nerf iPod covers are genius.

Nerf Ipod Protector. Genius.

Besides being speakers, it's NERF. I mean, the boy can frisbee that thing up against a wall and it's going to be pretty much alright. Also, it doubles as a kicking steering wheel for gaming. It's been a hit with all the boys.

But the speakers are most impressive. Micah turns the volume up on his iPod, then turns the NERF speakers up, and it's like a rock concert right here in the house. This is espeically fun at 5:30 in the AM. Even though Micah has the party happening downstairs in the living room, we can hear every word loud and clear in our bedroom with the door closed. When we entertain this summer, we now have music the entire 4 acres can hear. I only wish I were kidding.

And yet, the boy still does this.


And remember how we actually bought the speaker for video watching? It's a huge hit. Not only will the kids sit around a party table watching movies, but it's so much better than a portable DVD player for the van because there are no discs involved. Micah can choose what videos he wants, start them, change his mind, fast forward or reverse, and hear it loud and clear.


This post is in no way endorsed by NERF, but we are recommending this to the general public regardless. Gosh, what a winner. We all scored on this. Except at 5 in the AM when the party is in the house.


ericsmommy said...

that looks great wish it was available for shipping to Canada. said...

That picture of Micah with the Nerf speaker up against his ear just SCREAMS teenager. Are you sure he's just 8? ;-)

Karen Deborah said...

It might scream ear damage! Micah's nerf needs to sleep with mommie and daddy until everybody wakes up so he can live to be 9.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I am tucking this one in the back of my mind for the day C.ooper finally swipes my iPod for good!