Saturday Shots, Another Birthday Edition

Beck's Big Gift was inspired by Pottery Barn. Because we're way too cheap to pay $599.99 plus another $99 in shipping to get that thing here, Sam took it upon himself to do it himself. Plus, handmade gifts are so much more appreciated. It was a group effort at the end. Josh helped, and so did The Nephew. The nephew decorates dry erase boards like nobody's business.


Last minute tweaking and smudge wiping was in order before the presentation.


It was a huge success. Huge is an operative word.


I was told not to expect mine to look that nice.


Roger said...

It looks nice, and I'm glad that she appreciated it. I'm sure yours will look just as nice, it may just take longer. ;) said...

Ohmigawd. They look exactly like blond versions of my girls- sleep pants and all. ;-)
So I think it looks like this wonder-creation swivels... does it?

Carol N. said...

Happy birthday, Becky!

Much nicer than Pottery Barn version!