Sneaky Little McSneakerPants

The boy loves to be clothes-less. We've battled this for years. When we have a pool, he's in and out of it a hundred bazillionty times a day. He doesn't like wet clothing touching him, so when he's out of the water, trunks come off. After a dozen rounds of this per day, it was easier to let him to fancy free. The summer we worked on potty training we realized that it would be easier to not fight clothing at all. We would work on one big fight at a time.

Now that he's in big boy underpants, we took up the anti-nudist fight. It was a long and involved battle, but he'll keep underwear on while at home. Apparently, he's just most comfortable unhindered by clothing, because the moment he walks in the door from school he strips out of shirt, pants, and socks. He'll run around in his underbreeches all night, until dinner. At dinner he'll go upstairs and come down wearing something a bit more appropriate for a casual meal with the family. We laugh, but it's good that he has standards.

On the occasion that he wants to test us on our policy, we're very quick to yell, "get underpants on!" He's to the point where he rarely attempts nudity, knowing it'll be short lived and fraught with discipline.

The other day I had to run an errand just as he came in the door from school. Becky watched him while I was out, and when I came home I yelled, "Micah! Mama's home!" (He was upset that I was leaving, so I thought I'd point out that I wasn't gone long.) I heard some frantic scuffling, and was all flattered that he was coming to hug me in greeting. Silly me. As I walked into the living room, I noticed that he was trying to get his underwear separated from his pants so that he could get them on before he was caught.

Yeh. So much for compliance.



Flea said...

What a stinker! :) I see why you call him a toddler. Love the shot with the guitar, though.

Karen Deborah said...

Don't tell me that child ain't smart. He's got your number too mama.

Trisha said...

Hee hee! At least he knows what to do so he won't get in trouble!