The Mouse Rocks

Since being introduced to the wonderful iWorld, we've been eyeballing the Proloquo2Go app. Okay, in reality, we introduced ourselves to the iWorld in order to GET the app. Cart, horse, it makes no difference.

This app is part of the wonderful world of AAC, where nonverbal kids have a voice to talk with. While this is far, far, FAAAAAAR less expensive than Micah's Voice, it's still a spendy little app.  We're talking three digits kind of spendy, which is why we've put off buying it for so long. But Micah's Voice is on the fritz and needs sent back for repairs, and while Prentke-Romich rocks and will be sending a replacement for ours while it's being serviced, we've realized that it's probably very wise on our part to have a back-up voice for the kid. Yesterday, I pulled that trigger.

I used the Disney Visa to make the purchase, because HELLO. If I can get free things at Disney for simply spending money, I'm going to be all over that. Except there was a problem and the card was declined. Funny, because just that morning I used it to purchase tires, and according to the online statement, that purchase was pending (which means it worked perfectly.)

I tried again to purchase the app, and again the card was declined. Well crap. This particular card was hacked into twice in the past and was shut down by Disney because of random, unauthorized purchases. Was this happening a third time? So I called, because what else was I going to do?

"Ma'am, it looks as though there was an attempted purchase in the amount of $201 to iTunes. We declined this attempt because we are not aware of any app costing that much. We weren't sure that it was an authorized purchase."

People, I am very grateful to our credit card company for making my life difficult like that at times. I think it's far, FAR easier to call and get the hold taken off with a simple explanation than it would be to have to deal with the mess of a stolen credit card. So today, we gained enough in Disney points to buy a drink in the Magic Kindgom, and Micah has a backup Voice now.

Yes, he's thrilled. But he still prefers to watch movies on the iPod, which is why we'll never be sending that Voice option to school with him.

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Burgh Baby said...

I so seldom use my debit card that just about anything over $100 ends up flagged. I find it highly amusing because husband's always works when mine won't. That makes it his fault we spent too much, right?

Chicory Blue said...

I just got my hands on an ipad with Proloquo on it. It was too overwhelming at first-but once I programmed "my own"'s great. Things to watch for:
I have one student who loves it when you can slide a page to find other pics. He isn't actually interested in the pictures themselves..just the "slide" part.
Also, same kid is very focused on the toolbar at the bottom..wants to push those (and my) buttons all.the.time.

Also-get Talking Tom or similar (but turn the violence off under settings-otherwise you can punch Tom in the tummy and pull his tail)

ericsmommy said...

Hi Karen we have that program for our son Eric and he is still learing how to use it but the program it self is wonderful you can take pictures of stuff and make your oun PEC for your son. In our case Eric is non verbal so he uses pectires to talk so it is great that way. Congrads. said...

That kind of annoyance is indeed a blessing!
That reminds me of the time we were out of town and Kes had stayed here with a girlfriend of hers and the two of them wanted something out of our house.
Long story short, Kes had lost her house key and they got her boyfriend to come over and climb in the second story window.
We hadn't been living here very long at all and the neighbor that observed this gigantic guy scaling the house and going in the window didn't know he was even here with anybody else much less "one of the family". So this elderly man from across the street came over to my house and walked into my back yard and basically said, "Hey! What are you doing?" He laughed later and said he didn't know what he thought he was going to do about it. But that's the kind of annoyance that everyone needs! Someone looking out for you.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

We are looking at that app too! I just don't know if Peanut is ready for it yet. We are using Voice4U right now and will upgrade as soon as we think she'll use it. She's making progress using her ipod touch at school but not at home. You'll have to let me know what you think of it. It seems so advanced, but then again, I hope I'm not putting limits on my girl. She's a smart little cookie. It just seemed like reading was kind of needed and that is coming but she's not quite there yet.