Today. It Was Glorious.

Today Spring finally came to Ponyville. We actually put the real ponies out to pasture, and they were very, very happy. They ate grass for the first time in months.


The temperatures registered somewhere in the 70's, and considering that just yesterday it was still snowing, this is major, and very welcoming, news. I spent the day outside. Today, I cleared six of the twelve gardens (which, too many gardens much?), but they were by far the biggest and worst jobs. The remaining half dozen are very small and inconsequential. They will also take less than no time to clear.


Today, we got two huge loads of cut stone. The fun just keeps growing. All the things I'll be doing with those stones are exciting to even think about. Stone walls, retaining banks, garden borders, grill surround, stone walkway... Be still my beating heart.


Today, we cleaned out some of the hoarded mess and hauled in $100 worth of scrap metal.


Today, I bought 3 trees to finally make the front of the house as beautifully landscaped as the back is. Priorities. I has them. (Hey, *I* don't see the front of the house, so it's fallen far down on the list of Things To Do.)


Today, Micah had a turn with the camera. I love to see what he takes pictures of.


Today, I vowed to find a way to rid our acreage of rabbits. I loved those things right up until today when I realized that 3 weeping cherry trees, 1 weeping willow, 3 holly bushes, and 2 forsythia were eaten off by those winter-starved rodent cousins. Vengeance will be mine. I only need to figure out how.


Today, I spent the day outside. Which means that I got zero done inside. The results are not pretty. It seems that no matter what I do, there's a lot that I don't do.



Anonymous said...

Oooooh - I love it! We hit 80 on Saturday . . . and got a few inches of snow last night. Thankfully, it was wet snow that is now almost all melted off, but it was just what my bulbs needed to make a big jump! I can't wait to see what all of that stone becomes!

Burgh Baby said...

Your daffodils are farther along than mine. BOO HISS.

Roger said...

Spring is good, and dishes can wait. Hope you are enjoying today's snow. :P

Karen Deborah said...

Hey it's all a matter of priorities. you have been house bound a long time! The dishes can wait!!!