Coming of Age

"Mom, next time you go shopping, can you get me deodorant?"

Sure, Luke. Why the need all of a sudden?

"My teacher said that we're at that magical age, and now that it's spring and we're running around on the playground, we could really start using deodorant."

God bless that teacher for making stink sound all grown-up and cool.

9 handstand


Flea said...

LOL! Oh how I had to BEG my boys to use deodorant! That teacher ROCKS.

Trisha said...

Ahhh. That takes me back to my days as a fifth grade teacher. I had that talk with my kiddos and their parents. Teaching in my little portable building made deodorant a necessity during the hot Texas Falls and Springs!

Burgh Baby said...

Somehow I don't seem to remember anything about puberty being "magical," but whatever works!

caramama said...

That was truly a great way to get kids to use deoderant! "that magical age" Awesome!

Roger said...

I remember the day(s) when my kids started stinking, and there was nothing "magical" about that - except maybe how fast we were able to procure some deodorant. :)

You do have to give the teacher Kudos for her approach though.