Lego My, Oh Wait, We're Not Eating Waffles

You know what just about every kid loves? Legos. For my part, I have mixed feelings about them. I love (LOVE) the creativity it inspires in the kids, and the fact that it helps them with thinking skills and engineering feats. If I'd played with Legos as a kid, I'd probably be way better at a lot of things. As it is, I can't do much more than make towers of varied colors of Legos and call it art. (Lame, I know.) While the list is pretty long on the reasons I love Legos, the one glaring negative is stepping on them in the middle of the night.

Maybe that's because we have a gazillionty tons of the things. No, really. We got the sweetest deal EVER at a yard sale and have a Rubbermaid crate full of the things. Our kids can make just about anything they want, short of an addition to the house. It's awesome, except at 2 AM on a bathroom run. You know what Lego needs to make? Glow in the dark bricks. Or maybe they already have. Obviously, we don't spend time in the Lego store because we have so many of our own, and I swear they breed in the closet.

The boys, however, were enamored with the Lego store at Disney Downtown when we were there. And the awesome Lego statues that were displayed caught the attention of the whole family. Legos truly are some of the best toys out there, for any age group.

Which is why I'm super excited to find that LegoFest is coming to Pittsburgh. I cannot even begin to imagine the over the top kind of fun that is going to be. And the boys are beside themselves with anticipation. It's just a week or so after school is out, so their wait time is growing shorter. (June 17-19 for those in our area that want to get in on this.) We sooo wanted to get to Disney again this year, but it's not in our plans for various reasons. For this reason, we're glad for LegoFest, allowing the kids to do something that they normally don't have access to as fun summer entertainment.

LegoFest, coming to a city near us. It's what the Rocking Pony house will be doing next month.

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Trisha said...

Ahhh - one of the things I miss by not being a mother. Nightly run-ins with stray legos.