Required Uniform

While at the doctor's office today, an interen was in to practice his medical skills before the LPN came in for the official diagnosis. (Josh sprained his foot playing basketball. It's nothing serious.) The intern was wearing a white coat, which didn't fit his long arms very well. It irked Becky.

"Why do they all wear white coats anyway?" she asked.

I don't know, I guess it's standard uniform for interns. Your dad wore one when he was in school as well. I think it's a way to let everyone know they're students and not licensed yet. Once you're hired, you take on the dress code of the medical practice you're working at.

"Well that's just stupid. It's like requiring plumbers to show crack while in school."

We laughed over that for the rest of the day.



Trisha said...

Becky is so perceptive at times! I often wonder if they give a course to plumbers about how to keep their pants at just the right spot to show optimum "plumber's crack!"

Roger said...

Dang it! Becky made me spit my tea out... you need to warn us of these things. :)