Biking With the Boys

We had one of those pull behind things for kids to sit in when we went biking, and Micah took complete advantage of that thing the one time we had it out. (Mostly, I used it as an off road stroller of sorts to haul around kids that didn't walk yet.) But the boy has reached the point where he wants to do everything his older siblings do, and riding in a cart while everyone else is biking just isn't cool. At all.

So we traded up for a Co-Pilot. This fun little invention is a bike that attaches onto the back of an adult bike. That adult would be Sam, because this adult has trouble enough balancing herself, much less Micah and his bike.

23 biking

Today, we hit the trail with the bikes, as a family. It was the first time I've biked in years. Literally. I remember the last time I went, my backside was sore for days afterward. I invested in a comfy, cushioned, super-extra-wide seat before we headed out, and it made all the difference in the world. I had a great time and really enjoyed it. Sam, on the other hand, had quite the workout. Pulling that boy was a chore, but Micah loved it immensely.

23 biking with dad

And here's where I'll put a plug in for this awesome invention, even though I said it was a chore for Sam to drive. Methinks it's designed for toddlers who can't bike yet, because, duh. One wouldn't buy it for their teenaged son who's too lazy to pedal on his own. The problem we have is that Micah is not a toddler, but a 65 pound lunk of solidness. Sam is going to be in super shape by the end of summer, and Micah is already a very happy camper.

23 the family

Also? I'm incredibly proud of myself. Not only did I manage to keep my bike upright the entire time and not have an accident, but I took pictures while riding. For being a Major Klutz, that's pretty huge right there.

23 rest


Roger said...

Didn't anyone ever tell you how dangerous it is to ride and take pictures at the same time? ;)

Nikki said...

Love Micah's happy face in the picture!

Tara said...

Oh, I LOVE that idea! Very cool! It will be my husband, too, that will have the privilege of carting Eon around. I swear I need to get myself one of those adult tricycles!

Burgh Baby said...

You are totally making me cringe without helmets, young lady! It's a good thing Micah looks sooooo happy or I might have to turn all Mom Lecture on you. ;-)

ericsmommy said...

Yes l was going to post the same thing as Burgh Baby, please please buy some helmets for all even Mommy and Daddy, a small tumble can do alot of damage to those precious heads.

Karen said...

@ericsmommy & @burgh - We realized our forgetfulness once we got on the trail. It'll be remedied next time. Helmets for all! said...

That thing is awesome! I've never seen one before. I see it has pedals, if Micah chooses can he help by pedaling?

JennyH said...

We have one as well. Max LOVES the thing. I mean really, he can pedal... or not and still enjoy the ride. He is on my bike. I have to tell him "help my pedal up this hill." alot. Pete pulls the trailer with the 2 younger boys.

glad you had fun riding bikes. Taking pictures while riding?? Very talented! Go you.