It Was Loudly Colorful

Legofest Pittsburgh, Father's Day, 2011. The hype was manufactured so that the boys would be all sorts of excited over it. And they were. But sometimes things don't always go as one plans. Actually, things rarely go as I plan them in my head. My head lies to me a lot.

Micah was thrilled nigh unto death with the waterfall at the convention center, and that was before he even entered the building. Once inside, he saw a larger-than-life Lego creation of his favorite Really Not Imaginary Friends in the whole world and ran for a meet and greet.

19 woody fascination

From there, the boy just plain ran. He ran to his-sized Lego men.

19 my size

And Batman.

19 batman flying

He paused briefly to make a race car or three and send down the track.

19 racing

He saw pirates.

19 capt love

And lions.

19 lion

And there was so SO much more. But we didn't even think about the poor boy becoming overwhelmed by the noise and the crowd. He just couldn't cope with the public announcement system making even more noise and the family splitting up to go this way and that amidst the other overwhelming factors.  Legofest turned into this for him.

19 fuzz

We had to find a place for him to get away and decompress. Thank goodness there was such a place, and thank goodness it was empty and big. Somersaults are his way of balancing out his world again. It took 16 of them to get from one end of the hall to the other. He crossed it 3 times.

19 decompressing

And when we came back, he was able to further destress by playing in a huge brick pile. Those things? Are awesome.

19 brick pile

But not quite as awesome as Lego City. In my humble opinion, I think it was the best thing at Legofest, hands down. All that awesomeness that you see? Created by kids, on the spot, and added to the city as they're completed. How fun is that?

19 lego city


Burgh Baby said...

I'm bummed I missed a chance to talk to you! I tried circling around, but was at the mercy of a certain 5-year old. :-/

JennyH said...

That looks awesome! I'm surprised they let people touch the lego creations. Joe would LOVE something like that.

Glad it was fun!