Pan Skillz. He's Got Them.

Micah loves movies. Musicals, cartoons, classics, action - he loves them all. He's memorized more film dialogue than any single actor in history, I think. But it's a toss up on what his favorites are. He loves action, and he loves music. It's why Disney is such a huge hit with the boy - they pack both into every flick they make.

Micah acts out his favorite movie scenes. He's quite the talented actor, too, playing Mr. Magorium, or Buzz, or Mary Poppins. There's nothing the boy can't act out. And he dances quite well, mixing and matching dance moves from all of his favorite characters.

And while we love to watch him recreate movies immensely, I do have a bone to pick with Disney over Tangled. I am now locked in the pantry, the door is propped shut with a chair, and when I power my way out, I am met with a boy wielding a cooking pan. The boys has some pan wielding skills, too, trust me.

Thanks, Disney. Thanks a lot.

Thank You, Tangled. He's Got Pan Skillz.


JEllen said...

Gosh he is one darn cute boy!!!! even with the pan:) And the sleeping outside in those adorable green pj's melted my heart.

Burgh Baby said...

I feel like there should be video of these shenanigans. said...

Bwahahaha! When I read the title all I could think of was a pan flute. It's funny to think that your explanation makes more sense. ;-)

Michelle said...

Too funny! I can't believe how much older Micah looks in this picture! When did he grow up!?