Going away for the weekend threw Micah off his game. No longer does he wake with the roosters, but instead sleeps until his bus arrives. I'm not complaining about this one iota, mind you. (You hear that, Universe? I'M NOT COMPLAINING.) I did say that this will last right up until Friday morning (you know, the last day of school) and after that he'll be back on track for Too Early O'Clock again. In the meantime, I'm loving it. A lot.

Yesterday, I let him sleep until the last possible minute, then woke him, dressed him, sent him to the bathroom, then out the door. (I learned the hard way that one may have an accident in the van on the way to school if you forget to send that certain someone to the bathroom.) His teacher wrote a note home yesterday that said he had a glowingly good day at school. Those are rare. I am crediting the late wake-up.

Today, I waited even longer to wake the boy. He didn't want to get up at all. (Who is this child, and can they keep mine for a while longer, please?) After struggling to get him dressed, I had to carry him downstairs because his wee legs weren't working just yet. And then we had a fight royale over the bathroom rule. I tried bribing him with candy, and asking nicely, and joking, and telling him that his driver was soon coming, but it was no good. He was Sir Grumpypants, and he was going to grump. He locked me out of the bathroom.

When he was done (going to the bathroom? Looking at himself in the mirror? Sitting on the floor?) I herded him out the door because while he took his sweet time doing who knows what, the school van arrived. He marched on ahead of me while I brought up the rear carrying his bookbag and packed lunch.

Our routine states that I put his seatbelt on, he grabs the van door, I tickle his arm, he laughs and lets go, and I close the door. Today, as I buckled him into his seat, he reached out to hug me. He held on for the longest time before letting go. I'm guessing that's the boy's way of saying, "I'm sorry."

My heart absolutely melted.



Flea said...

Such a sweet boy. :) I'm guessing you'll want to keep this one instead? said...

Well, I guess so! I love memories like that. It's the simple things that have such a huge impact on us in the long run.