Shopping With Micah

Becky and I were perusing the racks of clearance clothing looking for shorts and sundresses. Micah was in a grand shopping mood, which you'd think would be good but in reality is not so much. When he's happy to shop, he's all about taking things off the racks, holding them up to try on, filling the cart with whatever strikes his fancy, and his newest obsession - trying things on. We don't encourage any of these kind of shenanigans.

And yet, there we were. And there was Micah. And we were all shopping.

Micah chose a pair of plaid shorts that were absolutely darling, for the size 12 woman they were designed to fit. He carried them toward the dressing room, but was sidetracked in the women's nightgown department. There, he found a long nightgown with ruffles around the bottom. It was pale yellow and sported flowers and teddy bears in a print so tiny that you had to almost squint to see the images. If you're thinking it sounds like something your grandmother wore, you're dead on. The best part about the fact that he loved this immensely is that he was very sure Becky needed to try it on.

So at the dressing room, sans old lady gown, Becky was trying on trendy teen rompers and shorts while I stood waiting with an armful of sundresses. It was then that Micah decided he wanted to try on his shorts. He sorted through my armload until he found a plaid, but as I'd put back his shorts when he was distracted by old lady nighties, he only found a plaid sundress. Still, being a fan of plaid, he wanted to try it on. I put the hanger over his head and let him try it on right there.

He loved it. A lot.

He wore it around the store, hanging down the front of him with the hanger around his head. He was so thrilled with his plaid dress. The old lady at the dressing room counter was a bit taken aback. I think she was in need of a new yellow nightgown herself.

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OHMIGOODNESS! And what attractive, well dressed children/pirates you have too!