He's My Hero

Micah learns so very, very much over the course of a few months. Small, teeny, tiny things, but things nonetheless. Things like saying Mom and Dad. Yes! He does! I waited 8 years for him to say Mom, and I'm not quite yet tired of hearing him yell "Um! Um! Um! Um!" five hundred eighty three times daily as he's tattle taling on someone.

Yep, he tattletales, too. Just the other day he said, "Um! Um! Um! Eee urt i ahm." (Translation: "Mom! Mom! Mom! Becky hurt my arm!" And I only know that because I saw Becky tap his arm lightly just two seconds before he came to me in outrage.)

I don't know about you, but I find that to be about thirty seven kinds of awesome. His speech is really coming along. Sentences are a thing for him now, although most of them are not nearly as intelligible as the one mentioned here.

But one of his biggest accomplishments this summer is the fact that Micah can now drink from a cup. He no longer requires a straw, either. Micah simply gets a cup, fills it himself, and drinks from it, just like any other 8 year old can.

Such a small thing, and yet so very, very huge. Micah will never be a normal kid, because genetics have dictated otherwise, but he now has one less handicap to make him different. My son has overcome once again. My son is my hero.

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Annette W. said...

Congratulations, MOM! I didn't wait that many years, but nonetheless, I understand a small bit of that pain.

What awesome improvements!

Shellie said...

HOW SUPER COOL!!!!!! MICAH, I LOVE IT! HE'S THE MAN!!!!!! great picture too, by the way.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Sentences? Awesome!

Nikki said...

I think Micah is many people's hero.

Chicory Blue said...

Go Micah!

Do I remember correctly that he hasn't had speech this summer?

I swear that I see many kids make progress over breaks in speech therapy...I think they need time (2-3 weeks at least) for the brain to assimilate the information--without the constant bombardment of learning a new skill.

Not that I'm talking myself out of a job or anything....

wendy said...

Great Micah!!!!