Pickle Blowing

The game at camp today was the Pickle Blowing Contest. It's pretty much just like it sounds, but for clarification, I'll explain.

1. Get a pickle out of a jar. We used kosher, but it's not mandatory.
2. Put the pickle in your mouth. It's your choice whether the whole pickle is enclosed inside your mouth, or whether just one end is.
3. Blow the pickle out of your mouth, with as much force as you can muster.
4. Measure how long you blew the pickle. You'll need a tape measure for that.


Things we learned in the Pickle Blowing Contest.

1. Getting a running start doesn't really help.
2. Slinging your head to dislodge the pickle is less effective than blowing the pickle out of your mouth with force.
3. Putting your pickle on the end of your already-eaten ring pop is probably not your best accessory.
4. Boys are generally windier than girls.

Camp Day 4 010

And, because I know you're wanting to know, the winning launch was close 100 feet.

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