Thank You, Kennywood, For a Wonderful Day

We checked Kennywood off our Things To Do This Summer list, and I have to thank Kennywood for retaining their original wooden coasters. Since my second pregnancy, when I became motion sick while riding in cars, I haven't been able to do amusement park rides without becoming ill. That pregnancy was 14 years ago, and it's been that long since I've ridden a roller coaster. In those 14 years, the world of coasters has only gotten bigger and faster and more nausea inducing.

Congratulation, Kennywood, for having an original 1927 wooden coaster. It is the first (and only) one I've ridden in the past decade. The Racers were incredibly fun. Just ask Micah. While I was cringing and bracing (hey, it was my first coaster in over a decade) that boy had his arms up in the air and was grinning from ear to ear. The minute the coaster stopped (our red car won!) Micah signed "more." Yep, he was ready to go again.

And he did, trust me. There is nothing that boy won't ride. Unfortunately, the park has height restrictions on some of the bigger coasters (what park doesn't?) and we had to deal with a screaming little unhappy person when the big kids went on those few without him. But everything that was 48" and under was fair game, and he rode them all.

The Pirate Ship gave one kid a headache, and another a stomach ache, but Micah wanted more. He moved from there to the Jack Rabbit. And then rode the Merry Go Round before heading back to the Jack Rabbit for another go-round. He rode the Log Jammer, and the Wave Swinger, and the Turtles. (Side note: those turtles whip you around a whole lot more than you'd think they would. It makes for difficult random photos by just holding up the camera and clicking. See this photo:

kennywood 012

That is my boy on the Turtles. And those things are tiny and tame in comparison to the coasters he loves so much. He giggles and belly laughs on coasters. I'm not even kidding you. I have no photos of that reaction because I didn't ride most of what he did. Yes, my 8 year old boy is braver than I am.

The park plays music on the PA system as well. Micah loved this, because he loves music of any kind. It inspired spontaneous dancing.

kennywood 079

And this? This could be my favorite picture of the day. It's not in focus, it's rather dark, and as far as photos go, it just isn't very good. But look at the joy on those boy's faces. It's their second ride on the Jack Rabbit, and they were that excited to be heading out again.

kennywood 052

That right there is what Kennywood is all about.

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