Having A Student Driver is a Bigger Problem Than I Thought It Would Be

Becky has her driver's permit, so it's our parental responsibility to allow her to drive any time we can. Being a very-much-brand-new driver, we're hesitant to expose her to too many situations until she has the actual driving part down pat. This has eliminated driving after dark, driving in the rain, driving on heavily traveled roads, and driving with the entire family in the van. Eliminating chaos is a good thing when one is nervous. Except we allowed her to drive home from church with the entire family in the van, she did well right up until she ran into the post in the parking lot at the gas station. Sam drove home from there.

We've been playing musical seats in the van now that a teen has taken over the driver's position. I sit shotgun, then Sam sits shotgun, the kids just bounce around in the back like popcorn, vying for the best seat. One with an Oh, Shoot handle is preferrable.

The kids have mixed reactions to the fact that Becky is now a driver. The nephew is insanely jealous, and voices this approximately ever 38.2 seconds. He needs a physical and replacement social security card before he can get his permit, and he's feeling the wait. Josh dispenses advice like a champion backseat driver. Luke is in his own world, and I'm not even sure he's aware the van is moving most times, much less who is driving it.

And then there's Micah. That boy can't wait until the van stops, because that means we'll get back in it again. He is thrilled that mom and dad finally came around and decided to let the kids have turns driving. Except he's finding if very unfair that we're playing favorites. Very unfair, indeed.

He's tried getting to the van first so that he can just climb into the driver's seat, and is seriously ticked that we make him get out without handing over the keys. And yet, he's not deterred. Every time Becky gets a turn at driving, he points to her, grins, and makes the sign for taking turns.

I'm very afraid of what the next decade will bring. Keeping that boy from driving will eventually be the death of me, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I've never commented before on your blog though I've been reading for a few months, but I just have to tonight because I am just delighted by the idea of Micah (not so) patiently waiting for his turn to drive!! I love it!

Trisha said...

Wow! Good luck getting Micah to understand the whole concept of student drivers and legal driving age!