Plans? Made.

I asked Josh to bring my cell phone to the sewing room, so he sent it upstairs with Micah. The boy wasn't any too keen on handing it over because he really wanted to make a call, he just couldn't figure out how to dial. In an effort to keep the peace, I handed him the house phone extension and asked Daddy to dial Grandma's number. Micah walked out of the sewing room talking Grandma's ear off. Whether he was making grand plans, or telling her about his day, or saying that he wanted pizza for dinner was anyone's guess.

The phone was found laying in the hallway and Grandma was rescued, because she's way too polite to just hang up in the event that Micah may come back. No, we didn't know what he was talking about, but he's clearly done now and moved on to other things.

The other things involved a suitcase and a change of clothing. He was wearing a pink striped polo, inside out, and pink plaid shorts. He's a snappy dresser. His roll around Toy Story suitcase was towed down the hall to Luke's room, where he disappeared until dinnertime.

He brought his packed suitcase, a bag of videos, Woody, and a stuffed backpack to dinner with him, and insisted that instead of eating we go somewhere. His Voice declared that he needed help, but we weren't sure what he needed help with. Because we sure weren't going to drive that boy to Grandma's, despite the fact that obviously he'd made plans with her on the phone and packed to go. Not on a school night, at least.

Luke must go everywhere Micah does or the boy isn't happy, so the extra backpack was for Luke. While Micah packed his entire drawer full of short sleeved shirts for himself, he chose clothing for his brother out of the dirty laundry basket.

I never want that boy to pack a suitcase for me.


Cindy said...

Cute story!

You should make sure Grandma's not sitting on her front porch waiting for them. You know, in the event they might show up. :)

Carol N. said...

Love it! Gotta have clean shirts :o)