Well This Was Unexpected

You know how you get busy, and the housework slides to the bottom of the list, and when you have time to actually tackle it things are so bad that it's going to take two full weeks of sheer elbow grease to get it back to presentable again? We're there. Or we were a month ago at least. And things have only gotten worse in the meantime.

I resolved to clean now that the kids are in school. I got the living room done, including sorting through toys in 2 boxes, the dress up clothes, the videos, and a shelf full of books. It's a good start considering the kids have only been in school a week, and I have sewing to do. I was all proud of myself, even.

And then we decided to refinance the house. People, I've got until Monday at 9AM to get this place ready for an appraisal inspection. Oh, the work to be done.

The thing is, if we'd have done the projects we intended to for the past year or so, we wouldn't have so much to do. So far today, I redid the junk collecting catch-all corner into a reading nook, Sam put up the kitchen backsplash, and the basement & laundry room are cleaned. It's a start.

If you need me, I'll be up to my elbows in Pine Sol and Mr. Magic Erasers.


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Karen Deborah said...

I hope you get a good interest rate. We did we got 3.75. Figured that was the best way to pay off all my medical bills. yuck, but the interest rate was sweet!