Because It Involves Micah

Because Micah's ears are resistant to the concept of ear tubes, he's scheduled to get his 9th set installed in the morning. (His ears should be in the "bionic" category at this point, except that he keeps rejecting his hardware.) (And actually, by the time most of you will be reading this, his newest set of tubes will most likely already be a part of him. At least for the next 6 months or so.)

Because loose teeth are a choking hazard when one is sedated and intubated, a visit to the dentist was in order to determine if his tooth was loose enough to warrant being pulled or not. It was.

Because Micah will not sit for the dentist to pull a very loose tooth, the dentist's schedule needed to be coordinated with the ENT and Same Day Surgery so that he could just pop out the tooth under masked anesthesia before the ENT doc could work her magic in Micah's ears.

Because nothing is ever quick and easy, this took days to coordinate, and the insurance was consulted to verify that they would cover the extraction under anesthesia in the hospital. It was. And things were all set up.

Because we spent days coordinating schedules and insurances, and lining up the stars to shine just right, Micah came home today with a missing tooth in his smile. It was wrapped in a plastic bag and taped to his folder. It was cute, if a little grisly.

Because Micah lost a tooth all on his own, I called the dentist to relay the fact that he didn't need to show up at the OR at 6:30 in the AM. He said that was the best news he'd heard all day.

I like spreading good news.


Ruby's Mom said...

I love the photo! That's great that his tooth came out on it's own.
Ruby just got her first set of tubes in her ears on Monday.I hope they stay in for awhile because even though she did great getting ready for the surgery the anesthesia made her sick at her stomach for about half the day.Does that happen to Micah?

CC said...

Yeah for good news and AWESOME photo!!